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A special unit, the UUM College of Arts and Sciences Entrepreneurship Unit, was established in December 2008, to realize the dreams of the Vice Chancellor of University Utara Malaysia. This units operates under the patronage of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suhaidi Hassan, Assistant Vice Chancellor of the UUM College of Arts and Sciences. The Unit is located in the UUM CAS Social and Human Development Building. Assoc, Prof Dr. Engku Muhammad Nazri, the Dean of Student and Entrepreneurship Development, needs this unit and he is assisted by 3 officers and the staff in his department.

Among the services offered by this units are professional seminar packages, short term professional courses, entrepreneurship development opportunities, professional skills workshops and services of academic experts and long-term programmers. It is guaranteed that the products of this unit will be the best based on the original concept, that is, "expertise output from UUM is the best and of quality."


  • As a leader in the preparation of training, programmers and development in the Northern Region of Peninsular Malaysia.
  • To prepare quality professional programmers for the benefit of all levels of society.
  • To help in the growth and the development of human resources from the aspect of self, physical and spiritual improvement.
  • As a quality reference centre in tandem with the hopes of the University.


  1. Workshops

  2. International/ local seminars

  3. Courses

  4. International/ External Visits

  5. Outdoor/ Extreme Activities

  6. Staff Training

  7. Symposiums

  8. Vacation Package

  9. Competitions

  10. Product Sales

  11. Internal / External Services for UUM Academic Experts

Contact Us :

Executive Officer

Amirullah Ikrami Akbar Jahan

Human and Social Development Building, UUMCAS

604 - 928 3880

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